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Lake Shore Cryotronics

Events Supporting:

  • Bierstube (Tuesday, November 1)
  • Symposium – Metrics and Measurements of Spin-Orbit Torque MRAM

Lake Shore offers VSMs that combine 15-nemu sensitivity, 1 T/s field sweep rates, and 10 ms/pt data acquisition rates for accurate, fast characterization of magnetic material properties; superconducting magnet systems; electromagnet platforms; cryogenic probe stations with integrated magnets for on-wafer magneto-transport, DC, RF, or microwave measurements; and a new modular synchronous measure system combining the convenience of DC and AC sourcing with DC and AC measurement, including a lock-in’s sensitivity, for advanced measurement applications, including spin-orbit torque measurements. Also available: precision teslameters and other magnetic measurement instruments.


Events Supporting:

  • Magnetic Sensor Challenge
  • Bierstube (Wednesday, November 2)
  • Writing Workshop
  • Symposium: Recent Developments in Advanced Magnetic Tunnel Junctions

Seagate Technology is a global leader in Hard Disk Drives, SSD, while offering data storage and management solutions for over 40 years. Seagate crafts the datasphere, maximizing human potential by innovating world-class, precision engineered data storage and management solutions with a focus on sustainable partnerships.

AIP Advances

Event Supporting: Meet the Experts (virtual)

AIP Advances is an open access, multidisciplinary journal covering all areas of the physical sciences — experimental, theoretical, and applied. The inclusive scope and publication standards of AIP Advances makes it an essential outlet for scientists across the physical sciences.

American Physical Society (APS) Topical Group on Magnetism and its Applications (GMAG)

Events Supporting:

  • Student Networking Reception
  • Women in Magnetism Networking Event

The American Physical Society (APS) Topical Group on Magnetism and its Applications (GMAG) serves the APS magnetism community organizing conference sessions of interest to physicists working on magnetism and its applications; and by fostering interactions and meetings with other scientists and engineers interested in advancing and diffusing knowledge of the multidisciplinary field of magnetism. GMAG represents one of the fastest-growing scientific sectors of the APS.


Event Supporting: Meet the Experts (in-person)

The evico magnetics GmbH was founded in 2006 as spin-off of the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research (IFW) Dresden. The main products are: (i) Magneto-optical Kerr microscope systems. By making use of the Kerr effect in optical wide-field polarization microscopes, the magnetic domains and magnetization processes of magnetic materials are visualized with digital contrast enhancement. At the same time the Kerr microscope serves as magneto-optical magnetometer for the sensitive measurement of hysteresis loops (MOKE magnetometry). (ii) High Pressure Milling Vials with a gas temperature monitoring system for the synthesis of magnetic powders and hydrogen storage materials


Event Supporting: Symposium – Imaging Magnetic Textures at the Nanoscale

Qnami is a VC-backed high-tech company with its roots at the Physics Department of the University of Basel in Switzerland. It develops fundamental new technology using quantum mechanics. The control of the state of a single electron enables measurement with a precision that was never achieved before. The technique is called quantum sensing and Qnami is enthusiastically developing it to improve people’s lives and the world. Extensive academic research and deep knowledge build the ground for all that Qnami does. With this technology, Qnami is redefining the common understanding of precision. Qnami offers an open team culture of mutual respect and intercultural understanding which is both business and scientific minded.

GMW Associates

Event Supporting: Best Poster Award

GMW began operations in 1982 in Redwood City, California. Hilton Glavish, Barry MacKinnon and Ian Walker, from the defunct New Zealand company ANAC, came to the US to support their existing North American customers. The company quickly moved from solely Lab Electromagnets into instrumentation, getting into the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) business with the founding of Metrolab Technology in the mid 80’s. Accelerator Physics and MRI drove growth throughout the 80’s and into the 90’s, with the Superconducting Supercollider (SSC) cancellation in 1993 allowing the company to further diversify into additional markets. GMW moved to our current location in San Carlos in 1991, and has expanded our Industrial Road facility three times since, now having 13,000 square feet and adding state-of-the art measuring equipment in magnetic field and electric current.

AIP Publishing

AIP Publishing is a not-for-profit subsidiary of the American Institute of Physics (AIP). AIP Publishing lives by a promise to researchers: to ensure that all findings with the potential to advance the physical sciences are presented, promoted, and permanently available as the building blocks of future discoveries.

IEEE Magnetics

The IEEE Magnetics Society is the leading international professional organization for magnetism and related professionals throughout the world. The IEEE Magnetics Society promotes the advancement of science, technology, applications and training in magnetism. It fosters presentation and exchange of information among its members and within the global technical community, including education and training of young engineers and scientists. It seeks to nurture positive interactions between all national and regional societies acting in the field of magnetism.

Western Digital

Events Supporting:

  • Best Student Presentation Award
  • Magnetism as Art Showcase

Western Digital Corporation (WD), formed in 1970, was originally a small semiconductor test-equipment manufacturer. Since then, we’ve grown into the world’s largest data storage company, which includes hard-disk-drive manufacturing, SSDs, and memory devices. We stand at the forefront of game-changing innovations—from the first hard drive to 3D NAND. In June 2022, we introduced the world’s first 22TB CMR and 26TB UltraSMR. We strive to satisfy global storage demand by empowering our diverse and talented employees, while at the same time protecting our planet. When it comes to powerful, smart, sustainable storage—we at WD make it happen.

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