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Technical Categories

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1. Fundamental Properties and Cooperative Phenomena

a.  Electronic Structure and Critical Phenomena
b.  Highly Frustrated Magnetism, Spin Glasses and Heavy Fermion Systems
c.  Quantum Materials and Cooperative States: Superconductivity, Spin Liquids, Chern Insulators
d.  Low-Dimensional Systems, Molecular and Organic Magnets

2. Magnetoelectronic Materials and Phenomena

a.  Multiferroic Materials and Magnetoelectric Phenomena
b.  Complex Oxides (Bulk, Films and Hetero-Structures)
c.  Half-Metallic Materials
d.  Topological Insulators, Dirac Materials, 2D and Layered van der Waals Materials
e.  Magnetic Semiconductors 
f.  Voltage-Controlled Magnetic Anisotropy and Exchange Bias
g.  Magneto-ionics

3. Spintronics - Fundamentals and Devices

a.  Magnetoresistance in Heterostructures (GMR, TMR, TAMR)
b.  MRAM, Magnetic Logic, and Related Devices
c.  Neuromorphic Computing 
d.  Antiferromagnetic Spintronics
e.  Skyrmions
f.  Spin-Orbitronics
h.  Spin Injection and Spin Transfer Torques
i.  Spin Currents, Spin Pumping, Spin Hall, and Related Effects

4. Magnetization Dynamics and Micromagnetics

a.  Magnetization Dynamics, Damping, and Ultrafast Switching
b.  Spin Waves and Magnonics
c.  Magneto-Plasmonics
d.  Domain Wall, Vortex, and Skyrmion Dynamics and Devices
e.  Micromagnetic and Hysteresis Modeling
f.  Modelling of Magnetic Metamaterials
g.  New Approaches in Computational Magnetism

5. Magnetic Recording

a.  Recording Media, Write and Read Heads
b.  Energy-Assisted Recording
c.  All-Optical Recording and Other New Recording
d.  Recording Physics, Modeling, Theory, and Testing

6. Soft Magnetic Materials

a.  Ferrites and Garnets
b.  Crystalline Alloys
c.  Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Materials
d.  Magneto-Dielectric Materials

7. Hard Magnetic Materials

a.  Rare-Earth Compounds
b.  Intermetallic Alloys and L10 Alloys
c.  Rare-Earth Free Hard Magnetic Materials
d.  Nanostructured, Composite and Other Hard Magnetic Materials

8. Structured Materials

a.  Thin Films and Surface Effects
b.  Multi-Layered Films and Superlattices
c.  Patterned Films and Elements
d.  Nanoparticles and Nanowire Arrays and Self-Assembly
e.  Exchange Bias
f.  Nanocomposite Magnetic Materials
g.  3D and Other Magnetic Structures

9. Multi-Functional Magnetic Materials and Applications

a.  Magneto-Optic Materials and Devices
b.  Magneto-Elastic Materials and Devices
c.  Magneto-Caloric Materials and Devices
d.  New Coupled Magnetic Phenomena

10. Sensors, High Frequency Devices and Power Devices

a.  Magnetic Sensors (non-recording) and Actuators
b.  High-Frequency, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave Devices
c.  Transformers and Inductors
d.  Magnetics for Power Electronics and Control
e.  Shielding, Levitation and Propulsion

11. Interdisciplinary and Emerging Topics

a.  Bio-Magnetism
b.  Biomedical Applications
c.  Magnetic Fluids and Separations
d.  New Applications and Other Emerging Topics
e.  Education, Outreach, and Public Engagement in Magnetism

12. Magnetic Characterization

a.  Magnetic Microscopy and Imaging
b.  Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques

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