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QZabre, a spin-off from ETH Zürich, makes nanoscale magnetic fields visible. QZabre’s Quantum Scanning Microscope (QSM) allows nanoscale magnetic mapping at microTesla sensitivity at unprecedented speeds. Until now, the underlying ‘scanning NV’ technology has been accessible only to a handful of research groups. The QSM packages this technology into a tabletop tool to let everyone use it just with a few clicks! From anti-ferromagnets, spin cycloids, skyrmions and conductors to memory devices, no matter what your research domain is, the QSM has you covered. Visit our booth to discuss how the QSM can benefit your research!

North American Nanotech (NANI)

NANI will be representing Futek Furnace – a supplier of magnetic and conventional annealing ovens, Hprobe – supplier of wafer level test equipment and Nordiko – supplier of IBD/IBE/PECVD/PVD process equipment at this year’s MMM conference. We look forward to seeing your there!

MicroSense and Capres

MicroSense and Capres joined forces as KLA companies.

MicroSense VSMs are sensitive, fast and offer the widest range of options of resistive magnet VSMs. MicroSense also offers a range of non-contact, full wafer or disk R&D and production metrology systems for MRAM, hard disk, recording head and sensor manufacturing.

CAPRES’ unique microprobe and tool technology is ideal for R&D as well as production QC, it enables direct measurements of Sheet Resistance, Hall Mobility, and Active Carrier Density on conducting films down to a few nm directly on wafers up to 300 mm.

Our unique CIPTech®, PKMRAM® and KerrMapper® systems are the tools of choice for characterizing magnetic films in the MRAM, Read Head and Magnetic Sensor industry.

CAEN Technologies, Inc.

High current, high stability, highly accurate. Less than 1 ppm/K TC, <0.01% setpoint current accuracy and <10ppm / 7days current stability available. CAEN ELS magnet power supplies are designed with a 24-bit digital control and feedback loop, allowing for software-based adjustment of PID parameters, synchronizing fully and behaving nicely with your reactive loads (up to 250H). New offerings include our recently released universal power controller (“Regul8OR”), which can bring your existing power system to 10ppm stability. Also available now are custom high-power systems (kilovolt / kiloamp) from CAEN Technologies. CAEN ELS is represented in the U.S. by CAEN Technologies.


Bruker’s SmartTip™ CIPT solutions offer several high-field, high-accuracy instruments for both industry and academia to perform current-in-plane tunneling measurements. Both in-plane and perpendicular field options are available.

Driven by a mission to provide innovative solutions to our customers, we aim to enable MEMS-based microprobe technologies through co-operation and collaboration with our customers. Our SmartTip solutions are positioned to advance high-tech nanotechnology-based microprobe applications with a commitment to quality and continuous improvement in development.

APP Systems Services

APP Systems Services provides a wide range of equipment and engineering solutions in the R&D sector especially in material science, semiconductor and related fields. The MagVision Kerr System is a microscopy system that characterizes magnetic devices and its critical effect on final product yield. The core technology stems from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Physics Laboratory’s discovery on a novel technique of Faraday Effect Reduction on the objective lens to better establish Kerr imaging in a magnetic domain process.

Lake Shore Cryotronics

Events Supporting:

  • Bierstube (Tuesday, November 1)
  • Symposium – Metrics and Measurements of Spin-Orbit Torque MRAM

Lake Shore offers VSMs that combine 15-nemu sensitivity, 1 T/s field sweep rates, and 10 ms/pt data acquisition rates for accurate, fast characterization of magnetic material properties; superconducting magnet systems; electromagnet platforms; cryogenic probe stations with integrated magnets for on-wafer magneto-transport, DC, RF, or microwave measurements; and a new modular synchronous measure system combining the convenience of DC and AC sourcing with DC and AC measurement, including a lock-in’s sensitivity, for advanced measurement applications, including spin-orbit torque measurements. Also available: precision teslameters and other magnetic measurement instruments.


attocube is technology leader in nanoscale cryogenic measurement instrumentation, including low vibration closed-cycle cryostats, cryo-optical tables and various measurement inserts compatible with low temperatures & high magnetic fields, used for research techniques such as MFM, PFM and KPFM. attoAFM/CFM, the combined atomic force and confocal microscope, serves as a platform for NV magnetometry. attocube’s powerful all-in-one solution for transport measurements – the attoTMS – combines the Nanonis TrameaTM electronics with the atto3DR rotator that effectively replaces a 3D vector magnet by a solenoid.

Singulus Technologies

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is a renowned manufacturer of advanced thin-film deposition equipment for magnetic sensors (TMR, GMR, AMR), integrated inductors, MRAM, µLED, Advanced Packaging (RDL/UBM), Interconnects, and other semiconductor applications. It is the trusted partner in the respective industry and extends its leadership in the thin-film deposition technology for semiconductor applications. The PVD tools from SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES with the brand name TIMARIS offer a complete portfolio of process modules for a variety of applications.

Quantum Design

Quantum Design manufactures automated material characterization systems providing temperatures from 0.05 to 1000 K, magnetic fields up to 16 tesla, and a wide range of measurements, including: magnetometry, electrical transport, heat capacity, thermal transport, and FMR. Instruments include the PPMS®, SQUID-based MPMS®3, VersaLab™, and DynaCool™. Additionally, Quantum Design manufactures helium liquefiers and recovery systems, and an innovative 7 tesla magneto-optical cryostat (OptiCool®). Quantum Design also distributes direct write lithography systems, NanoMOKE, FMR spectrometers, rapid-cycle sub-kelvin cryostats, an AFM solution for SEM/FIB, compact Helium-ion beam process technology to enhance the magnetic properties of thin films, and NV-based scanning magnetometry.

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